Terms & Conditions

Terms of Payment, Refund & Shipping

  Pricing is valid as per the promotional offers provided by Bitrix24.

 Implementation, Training, Service & Support cost may increase or decrease basis

 the variations in implementations & integrations.

●  Prices outlined are valid for 7 days from the date of issue.

●  Prices are subject to clarification of requirements in detail.

●  All payments should be made100% inadvance.in favor of Corporate Intellect Solutions.

●  Payment received is non-refundable.

●  Any bank or intermediary charges for payment processing will be borne by the subscriber.

●  Services will be delivered online and no shipping is involved.

●  All T&C related to products, services, pricing etc. i.e., CRM solution or any third-party application/tools

will be the governed by respective providers. Any issue related to that can be raised to them directly. 

Terms of the Implementation 

●  Time frames stated is an approximation excluding any unknown external factors.

●  With in stated timeframe if there will be any addition in team, their training will be arranged in batches.

●  Any additional implementations/ integrations beyond the discussed one will be charged separately.

●  Cost of subscription and recurring (if any) for all external/third party application / tools will be borne by the client only.